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SRH students attend exhilarating ball night with noteworthy guests

SOPA students attend the legendary Presseball Berlin, exclusively interview VIPs from politics, media and culture, and party until the early hours.

On 14 January 2023, the PresseBall Berlin celebrated its 150th anniversary at the Grand Hyatt. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Michael Beuthner and Prof. Reginé Provvedi, 17 School of Popular Arts students from the study programmes Medienmanagement, Kreatives Schreiben und Texten and Film and Fernsehen attended.

The ball has established itself as the oldest in the world and since its foundation, it has committed itself to supporting journalists in distress, freedom of expression and the press as well as international understanding in Europe. Furthermore, the gala stands for the promotion of diversity in Berlin. Well-known guests from politics, business, science, the arts, culture, sports and the media experienced a glittering ball night with a great entertainment programme. And participants from the SOPA were right in the middle of it.

Divided into production teams, the students accompanied the event with cameras. Numerous high-profile guests were interviewed exclusively, including the new ambassador of Ukraine in Berlin, the French ambassador, the editor-in-chief of Charlie Hebdo, the chairman of Muslims Germany, a real spy of the BDD and even a Nobel Peace Prize winner and former state president. SRH is a media partner of Presseball Berlin and in January 2024 we will be back again for the next big event.

Prof. Dr. Michael Beuthner

Professor for Journalism and PR, Study programme director B.A. Journalism and PR, Chairman of the Examination Committee of the former DEKRA programmes