SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Hand in hand with industry and the creative economy

Experiment. Discuss. Collaborate.

We believe in an education that is directly related to the work you will do after you graduate. That is why we are committed to competence-oriented and project-based teaching.

You will study and research with us on real projects with practical partners from the fields of business, culture, politics and society. You will also work collaboratively with students from different disciplines, because that's the only way to become a team worker. Moreover, you will build a network early on that will be invaluable after your studies.

Thanks to our partner companies we are able to integrate real work projects into your studies. Supported and inspired by the best, you will set out on your individual path to success.

Always good advice – Our Career Service

Internship search, CV design, job entry after graduation: our Career Service supports you in all steps of your career development and helps you to successfully enter the job market.

It supports you during your studies, after graduation and towards your career entry and also adds the finishing touches to your professional profile.