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Find your new home

Living and studying in central Berlin, Dresden and Hamburg

Starting or continuing your studies often means moving to a new city. We have put together a few websites to make this challenge a little bit easier for you. Whether you want to live by yourself, with flatmates, short or long term – there is an option for everyone.

Your new home

Hotels/hostels & short-term rentals

Room/apartment in shared apartment/student residence

Other providers & Facebook groups

Room/apartment in shared apartment/student residence

Student housing & Facebook groups

Tips for finding accommodation

More information can also be found in our Student Welcome Guide.


  • It's a long process, so you need patience
  • Get a provisional accommodation (hotel/hostel) for the first few weeks
  • Finding accommodation for 3 or 6 months is very common; finding accommodation for the total length of your stay is rare; a lot of students move several times during their stay
  • use your SRH or other FB groups to find roommates

Key facts

  • SRH is not part of the public association "Studentenwerk" & applications for their student housing will be rejected
  • SRH does not have student housing but we do offer discounts for certain providers from time to time

What about the city registration ("Anmeldung")?

Within 14 days of moving in, you must register with the relevant registration office in Berlin, Dresden or Hamburg. It is advisable to book an appointment online while you are still looking for a flat, as the appointments are often booked up weeks in advance.