Research at SRH Berlin

Innovative and future-oriented

At the schools of the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, we qualify ambitious, talented students in future-oriented study programmes. Our teaching is systematically supported by our intensive research.

Applied research

At SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences we qualify driven and talented students in future-oriented study programmes. Our teaching approach and methodology are supported by our research.

Our research strength is based on excellent individual projects at our schools and institutes as well as on joint, cross-school research – the result of the constant exchange of ideas and sustainable collaboration between scientists from different disciplines.

Our aim is to develop new ideas, processes, products and services together with our partners and to conduct trendsetting, dynamic research, of which the findings are also profitable for society.

Applied research and artistic development projects take place in our diverse research projects and institutes. We often develop our findings together with our students. It is not without reason that the "R" in CORE stands for research.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Carsten Schermuly - Vice President Research & Tansfer

Our understanding of research

Our research approach

At SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences it is our assumption that basic and applied research depend on each other. Our research activities are combined within the cluster "Analysis of dynamic changes in structures and processes in the economy and society".

Our academic methodology – that is guided by the following four principles – leads the way for our research:

  1. We want to conduct our research freely, autonomously, independently and critically. Our research is not guided by specific approaches, schools of thought, methodologies etc., and it is therefore free of ideology, interdisciplinary and undogmatic. We see doubt as a principle and constructive criticism as an essential corrective.
  2. We want to carry out our research in a creative and beneficial manner. Our research activities are aimed at finding solutions for perceived scientific issues as well as specific real world business problems. The problem-solving potential of our solutions is the defining quality factor of our research.
  3. We want to conduct our research in a comprehensible way. Our research should be understood easily. Thus, the communicative principles of our research are plausability, intersubjectivity and connection to knowledge gained. The collected primary data is archived.
  4. We want to do our research honourably. Our research complies with our academic code of honour. It is our ethical obligation, as researchers, to refrain from scientific misconduct (i.e. plagiarism, data forgery, assessment bias) and to report violations immediately.

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