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University sports programmes at SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences is a member of the Allgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulsportverband (adh; German University Sports Federation). Thus, students (in times of COVID-19) at all locations of the university in Berlin, Dresden and Hamburg benefit, among other things, from the use of the free online offers of the adh and the member universities. This includes, for example, podcasts, STAY@HOME-CHALLENGES and workouts. Please find more information here.

In addition, there are certain educational and competitive opportunities offered by the adh that students can take advantage of throughout Germany. The adh's current educational and competitive schedule can be found here. For more information on adh competition events, please visit the adh website.

Through the membership of SRH in the adh, students can sign up for sports offers offered by other member universities in Berlin at their conditions. Furthermore, in Dresden there is the possibility for students to use sports offers of the TU-Dresden.