SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Discover our Computer Science programmes: An in-depth independent review by Cybernews Academy

Learn more about SRH Berlin’s computer science, IT and battery production programmes and our new Berlin campus.

In collaboration with SRH Berlin, Cybernews Academy has detailed all aspects that make our university exceptional for computer science and information technology degrees. Through this independent review, the publication sheds light on the new developments at SRH Berlin, the location of each university campus, the environment, and the range of degree programmes offered at varying levels. We have locations in three cities – Berlin, Dresden, and Hamburg. Each area has its own unique atmosphere, boasting stunning architecture, wide open spaces, and various cultural treasures. 

Unique aspects of SRH Berlin 

Throughout this independent review, Cybernews Academy discusses the upcoming developments at SRH Berlin and some unique aspects of our university that you won’t find anywhere else.

Firstly, our campus is getting an upgrade and will unite three main university locations in Berlin. This new building is in the beloved borough of Neukölln and will facilitate new experiences for students and faculty while adding new life to various schools under SRH Berlin. This includes the Berlin School of Technology, Popular Arts, Management, Design and Communication. The new design has a range of unique facilities, including engineering labs, film and photography studios, practice rooms, and workshops. 

Secondly, we have launched our new dual-degree Sustainable Battery Production Engineering program, which has a host of benefits. You will study a mixture of theoretical and practical studies in one of Europe's most important cities for sustainable battery production. Through this programme, you will have the opportunity to obtain two additional certifications, including a Siemens Mechatronic Systems and a Battery Technician certificate.     

Computing programmes at SRH Berlin 

At SRH Berlin, we have a range of computing programmes at Bachelor’s and Master’s degree levels. We have various programmes across a wide array of disciplines, from Computer Science to Applied Mechatronic systems. Most Bachelor’s programmes can be fast-tracked, meaning the course will be six semesters long if you choose not to take an internship. Similarly, most Master’s will be three semesters long. If you choose to complete an internship, it will be four. Throughout the independent review, Cybernews Academy explores why you should choose these programmes, demonstrating the benefits of each course while discussing the important skills you will gain as well as potential graduate prospects. 

Entry requirements and application deadline 

Our university has a process that needs to be followed before and during the application process. Cybernews Academy highlights all the details for Bachelor’s and Master’s studies if you are an international student. You will need various forms of documentation, additional supplements, and an English Language test. Throughout this independent review, Cybernews Academy notes the different student intakes and when you should apply. 

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