SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Engineering Master Students enjoy their exam presentations and a memorable dinner at Clärchens Ballroom

The eventful night was coordinated by lecturer Beate Jensen, located at Clärchens in the old quarter of Berlin.

A colourful evening took place this semester where SRH Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management master students had the opportunity to present their exams in their best suits. As part of the ‘Social Competencies’ module offered by Lecturer Beate Jensen, their exams took place at the prestigious Clärchens, followed by a celebratory dinner at the Ballroom Restaurant. 

Lecturer Jensen offers modules that go beyond only the technical curriculum. Her teaching incorporates the development of 'future-oriented skills', giving her students the ideal mindset for future business settings. This is to ensure an enriching experience for SRH students by including such excursions in her classes (her students also got to see the famous Futurium).

Our Engineering master programmes, which include unique areas of focus such as Mobility & Automotive Industry, Automation, Robotics & 3D Manufacturing and Smart Building Technologies, offer our students a wide range of potential thanks to our connection to industry-leading companies. Furthermore, SRH Engineering students can also participate in special programmes such as the Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certificate Program.

To learn more about our range of comprehensive engineering master programmes based at the SRH Berlin School of Technology, all the details can be found on our website.