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Lead the future of technological innovation.

Engineers are trained to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges in unique, systematic ways. 

If you want to foster a combination of creative, analytical, technical, and imaginative skills, engineering is right for you. 

The Berlin School of Technology offers a wide range of engineering programmes. This page will help you find the perfect master's degree for you.

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All About Your Engineering Studies

Master of Engineering
Master of Engineering

Automation, Robotics & 3D Manufacturing

This focus programme of Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management teaches you to manage the Industry 4.0 systems that harness the power of the future. You will gain in-depth insight into top technologies of the digital industry, such as Digital Twin, automation or additive manufacturing.

During your studies you will become proficient in current topics such as robotics, extended reality or circular economy and get to strengthen your soft and hard skills thanks to our project and skills-based concept.  

In addition, you receive the “Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certificate Program (SMSCP)” certification at level 1-3.

Master of Engineering
Master of Engineering

Smart Building Technologies

With this programme, you receive a comprehensive civil engineering education that centres around progressive, energy-efficient building infrastructure. 

You get to expand your knowledge in the areas of building information modelling and automation, as well as decentralised energy supply. Moreover, Our skill-based approach and your integration in numerous active projects enables you to develop your project management, communication, and intercultural skills. 

Included is the chance to earn the “Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certificate Program (SMSCP)” certification at level 1-3 to further prepare you for your career in advanced technologies.

Master of Engineering
Master of Engineering

Mobility and Automotive Industry

This focus programme of Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management turns you into an expert that can foster innovation and sustainability in new approaches to mobility. 

You gain an in-depth insight into current topics such as autonomous driving, alternative drive concepts, assistance systems and new sales and business concepts in e-mobility. At the same time, you learn how to design and operate mobility and automotive systems using the latest technologies while driving innovation and sustainable economic success. 

Thanks to our skill-based appraoch, you will learn how to deal with integrated systems and complex technologies and will have the opportunity to improve the soft skills that tomorrow’s employers are looking for. 

Students also receive the “Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certificate Program (SMSCP)” certification to strengthen their skillset.

Master of Engineering
Master Renewable Energy students work on wind energy model.
Master of Engineering

Renewable Energy, Water, and Waste Management

This area of focus provides you with a holistic understanding of the economic and technical systems that underlie our world’s resources. 

In addition to international business topics, you focus on three technological areas in your elective module: renewable energies, sustainable water supply, and sustainable waste management. 

You will have free access to state-of-the-art laboratories located in the renowned technology park Berlin-Adlershof. Experiments involving Circular Economy and Aktive Recycling are carried out on-site and are highly valuable to the industry. 

Experts in this area of Engineering are now sought after by large players, such as Volkswagen and Airbus, who have shifted their budgetary focus to recycling materials and expert assessments of sustainability processes.

Master of Engineering
Master of Engineering

Sustainable Battery Production Engineering (DUAL)

Master energy storage. Drive battery production. Uphold sustainability.

The Sustainable Battery Production Engineering Master's programme delves into battery technology, production engineering, and sustainability management. Benefit from hands-on learning in automation, robotics, and mechatronics, and enhance your management prowess.

Unique to our programme is it's dual structure, where you work alongside your studies at a partner company. This setup not only gives you invaluable real-world experience but also covers your tuition fees, allowing you to focus solely on your educational journey.

With us, you'll transform into an expert in sustainable battery production engineering, equipped to drive the energy revolution. Join us and shape the future of sustainable battery production.

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