SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Technical University awards Professor Bisges third doctoral degree for research work

Marcel Bisges, professor for copyright and media law at SRH Berlin, receives the degree Doctor of Philosophy.

The Technical University of Berlin has awarded Professor Marcel Bisges (copyright and media law) the title of Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.) in the subject of communication sciences for his research work "Die persönliche geistige Schöpfung zwischen Rechtsprechung und Medienpsychologie" (engl. "The personal intellectual creation between case law and media psychology"). The work deals with the copyright work concept, which as a result of the work with the "personal intellectual creation" can be better defined than with its individuality. In order to distinguish between products that are not protected by copyright and protected products, case law focuses on whether a product is sufficiently individual. Bisges demonstrated an intersubjective understanding of the concept of individuality, so that focusing on this is not arbitrary. However, the decision largely does not correspond to the theoretical specifications, because the manufacturing effort, for example, is also decisive. In addition, there is greater agreement as to whether an intellectual product is a "personal intellectual creation" than as regards its individuality.