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International Management

  • Master of Arts (M.A.)
  • 4 Semesters
  • on campus
  • 120 ECTS
  • €790/Month
  • double degree
  • university cooperations
  • premium program
  • Full time

Paris, Dublin... Shanghai! With the International Management programme, you can live in Berlin or up to three cities and have the opportunity to get a second Master's degree. Become a management professional with global career prospects.

  • English
  • summer and winter semester

Your course content

International Marketing, Advertising Strategies...

Three cities—two degrees—one global perspective: our FIBAA-awarded degree programme is as diverse as your career goals.

You get to solve global economic issues, learn about international and European law and prepare yourself for challenging tasks in international management. Thanks to practical projects, you can develop your soft and leadership skills and—by choosing one of our partner universities around the world—tailor your study programme to your personal and professional interests.

Your career prospects

Foreign Market Analyst, Global Project Manager...

This FIBAA-awarded management degree programme provides you with a holistic management education that fosters your soft skills and allows you to live in several cities and countries worldwide. 

Our project- and skill-based approach turns your International Management degree into the ideal stepping stone for your international career.

Your amplified ability for analytic and networked thinking will enable you to systematically and methodically delve into new, unexplored contexts within countless businesses around the globe.

You will become an asset known for your reliable leadership because you learned the skillsets required in corporate leadership, contract-, risk-, innovation-, global management, and developing projects and practice. 

To make sure you walk the walk, you will receive special training to develop your soft skills regarding independence, creativity, interdisciplinary flexibility, and competencies in communication, problem-solving, and intercultural sensibility. 

Choose from the following career paths:

  • Positions in strategic management
  • Business development manager
  • Risk and contract manager
  • Market analyst & market researcher
  • Assistant to the executive board
  • Country or divisional manager
  • Business consultant
FIBAA Premium Seal
FIBAA Premium Seal

High quality confirmed again

Our International Management Master's programme received the FIBAA Premium Seal in 2015 which was extended to 2030 in 2022. With this seal, the European accreditation agency FIBAA, confirms SRH Berlin's outstanding quality in various assessment categories such as international focus, employability, promotion of job-relevant skills, interdisciplinarity and collaboration.

The FIBAA Premium Seal was established by FIBAA in order to identify and acknowledge study programmes with outstanding quality in all five core areas (goals and strategies, admissions, implementation, academic setting and general conditions, quality assurance). The evaluation certifies that these programmes considerably surpass all of the quality requirements outlined by FIBAA.

The distinction of a FIBAA Premium Seal gives students, prospective students, graduates, universities, and the job market a reliable indication of the exceptional quality of the study programme.

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It's about you
It's about you

Our study concept

Your studies are divided into 5-week blocks. During this time you focus on one management topic which you get to view from different angles. Thanks to this approach you can learn about real management challenges and strengthen the skills that employers are looking for.

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Tripartite Variations
Tripartite Variations

Study in Berlin and around the globe

Do you want to gain international experience and broaden your horizons? During our International Management Master's programmeyou can study in up to 3 countries and even earn a double degree. Find out more about our tripartite variations that let you experience Europe, Asia, Africa and America!

Learn more about our tripartite variations
Meet your Study Advisor Why study in Germany? Why study at SRH

Why should I choose to study in Germany? What are the benefits of studying abroad? What is Germany best known for studying?

Alumna Testimonial
Alumna Testimonial

Claudia Amendola

"The technical and soft skills I learned at SRH played a key role during the hiring process for my current job. SRH left me with a great wealth of knowledge, ranging from negotiation skills and a legal mindset to communication and presentation techniques. I strongly believe that my career achievements are tied to the valuable content and the international exposure provided to me by SRH."

Your curriculum

4 Semester 120 ECTS
1. Semester
  • Risk Management in Value Creation

  • International Contractual Management

  • Operations and Project Management

  • Intercultural Management

  • Negotiation and Conflict Management

  • Developing Managerial Skills I: Case Studies


In your first semester, you will learn the philosophical and ethical roots of the law and its basic principles. You will be able to understand and utilise contracts in economic, technical, and organisational domains of various international legal systems to achieve corporate and entrepreneurial success

Your skills in identifying and prioritising risks and opportunities will enable you to direct appropriate business activities to succeed in the market, including negotiations on behalf of the company—regardless of a national legal or intercultural environment. 

Conflict management techniques such as the Harvard method guide you through any confrontational situation. 

You can effectively steer the functioning of a company because you understand various managerial approaches and have analytical and planning tools to optimise resource utilisation

You will motivate and lead teams while maintaining meaningful reporting and communication with various corporate stakeholders

2. Semester
  • Technological Foresight and Innovation Strategies

  • Business Model Generation

  • Developing Managerial Skills II: Business Simulation

  • Company Project I

  • Company Project II

  • Company Project III


Semester 2 teaches you project management—from identifying an active company's complex, practice-related challenges to independently applying theoretical knowledge (e.g., Porter's value-added chain, Business model canvas, innovation funnel, market analyses, stages of project management). 

You will also develop and present solutions to such challenges along internal and cross-company processes. Your accumulated social and intercultural competencies will enable you to build your profile and establish valuable business contacts. 

You will receive the training to transform business ideas into products or services by finding appropriate resources and designing a suitable innovation management process to create value

You will formulate adequate vision and mission statements to develop a strategy and business model for a start-up. To review their implementation critically, you will derive appropriate goals and objectives

Upon graduation, you can consolidate knowledge in the different functional areas of a company to achieve result-monitoring of plans and ethical decision-making in sales, production, staffing, and finance and investment. 

3. Semester
  • Leadership and Global Strategic Management

  • Legal Environment of International Business and Foreign Trade

  • Human Resource Management and Ethical Leadership in International Enterprises

  • Risk Management in Financing

  • Strategic Network Management

  • International Marketing Management


In semester 3, you will understand the core functions of human resources, from recruiting, selection, and training to staff motivation, incentivisation, and development. 

We train you to balance ethical issues and performance measurement by fostering harmonious organisational autonomy to build and manage international and multicultural teams. 

With an introduction to both Continental European and Anglo-American legal systems and familiarity with the structure, organisation, and working methods of international organisations like the European Union, you will prepare to identify relevant law for cross-border business and to optimise the conflict of interests between secrecy, controlled utilisation, and technology transfer. 

Likewise, you familiarise yourself with—above all contractual—instruments that safeguard you against any encroachments upon proprietary rights and loss of competitive advantages you may incur. 

You will identify financial risks which are decisive factors for the company's successful business activities in the market. When faced with possible combinations of risks, you can design appropriate decisions and evaluate their impact on the corporation's financial performance and its partners. 

You will learn a wide range of modern leadership styles to fit the current challenges in contemporary leadership between individuals, groups, and organisational levels. 

As a graduate, your ability to design custom market studies enables you to address target customer needs and generate value. You can link marketing objectives with measurable KPIs to assess the success of their campaigns, thus building a trustworthy brand

4. Semester
  • Internship

  • Master's Seminar

  • Master's Thesis


As a graduate, you can critically reflect upon and organize various scientific approaches to develop analytical strategies in your research process. 

Your results will guide you to contextualize your findings and integrate them into an international manager's decision-making framework. 

Upon graduation, you will have applied the practical learning effects of the programme in a company internship. You, therefore, will possess authentic work experience and the ability to apply theoretical knowledge to entrepreneurial activities and relevant assignments. 

Your engagement in scientific research and application of an analytical framework to achieve predefined research objectives allows you to consolidate academic theory and practical skills in international management and develop your professional profile accordingly. 

Inside SRH.
Inside SRH.

Judith talks about her studies.

Judith de Haas is an International Management alumna.

Why did you choose to study at SRH Berlin?
I decided to study International Management after I have already walked on a very varied life path. As a musician, yoga teacher and initiator with a huge hunger for academic challenges, I wanted to commit to a programme which could help me to develop the skills to take a more responsible role in the cultural field.

What did you like about your studies?
The International Management programme gave me the basics to hold onto when organising performing arts projects. At first, I didn’t know where to start, and my studies helped me not to see too many obstructions but to just go for it, step by step.

How did you experience the international approach of SRH?
Actually, just being in my class was a very international experience. Everyday again. I think we had about 15-20 different nationalities in the year group. It was fantastic to work with so many different people and cultural values on study subjects but also to spend time together out of school. I have always been internationally-oriented and hearing and experiencing other approaches to business issues is an important aspect of future international working environments. Moreover, I just love connecting to people, from anywhere, to share experiences on a super open level. With its international representation, SRH makes it possible to be part of this.

What was your favourite learning or working experience at SRH?
My favourite working experience was while learning! I’m very eager to learn and work together with the organisers of events that I performed in myself. This gives me the inspiration to walk my own path.

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Admission requirements

Our requirements

To submit your application, you will need the following:

  • Bachelor's degree - Please provide your transcipt of records and your bachelor's certificate. If you do not have the degree certificate yet, you can also submit it before you start your studies.
  • Letter of motivation
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Secondary School Certificate
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of your passport/ID

You do not qualify for direct entry? Join our preparatory course and get qualified to start your Master’s degree at SRH.

Next available course

October 2024  

Please find our English language requirements here:

  • TOEFL 87 ibt (direct entry)
  • TOEFL 79 - 86 ibt (with additional agreement)
  • TOEIC 785 (Listening/Reading 785, Speaking 160, Writing 150)
  • IELTS/ IELTS ONLINE (academic) 6.5 on average - please see Language Centre guidelines if results differ
  • CAE (grade A, B, or C)
  • CPE (grade A, B or C)
  • Pearson English Test Academic (PTE-A) 59 points
  • Linguaskill: 176 - 184 (CES) - all four skills required
  • Duolingo 110 points
Fees and Funding

Your tuition fees

Tuition fees

  • citizenship | EU/EEA (incl. Western Balkans, Switzerland and Ukraine): EUR 790 / month
  • citizenship | Non-EU/EEA: EUR 6800 / semester

The monthly/semester tuition fees remain the same for the entire duration of the study programme. 

An additional enrolment fee of EUR 750 (EU/EEA) / EUR 1000 (non-EU/EEA) is to be paid once. More information about our fees.


Information on financing options & scholarships can be found here.

Apply now

Application process and deadlines

Please find the Application and Late Arrival deadlines here.

We are happy to welcome you to our university. This is our application process:

  1. You submit your online application via the SRH application portal
  2. If you meet the admission requirements, we will invite you to a personal/phone interview
  3. If the interview is successful, you will receive an acceptance letter and the study contract
  4. You sign the study contract and send it back to us
  5. You pay the enrolment fee
  6. You receive your letter of admission
  7. You take part in our Welcome Week and then you are good to go!
Get started now Your path into the future
  • You will take part in a step-by-step learning experience
  • You will study in small teams through practice-oriented tasks
  • You can concentrate on what is important in 5-week blocks
  • You will receive individual support from your lecturers
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