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Edda Dietrich

Externe Dozentin für Intercultural Communication

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edda Dietrich

Über mich

Edda Dietrich, Consultant for Communications and Organizational Development Studies of communication science (M.A.), English and psychology, numerous extensive training in systemic organisational consulting, business coaching and project methodology, Lecturer in cross-cultural communication and organisational culture at design akademie berlin.

In my long-term role as a communications manager at a global consumer goods company, I developed integrated concepts and strategies for all facets of corporate communication, primarily in change processes. Working as a consultant, I introduce this practical knowledge to my customers and use my expertise in implementing strategies to help carry out projects relating to change management and cultural development. The main focus of my work is not only clean strategies, processes and effective communication, but rather a clear understanding of the conditions, experiences and attitudes that affect these factors. In my opinion, people and context form the crux of successful consultancy. This is because every recipient wants to be conviced, taken seriously and understood as a complex social being.As someone who has chosen to live in Berlin, I enjoy life in the big city and its inspiring art and culture scene. Painting and drawing helps me find my place in the famous "flow" of the city.