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We offer various cooperation opportunities

The SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences attaches great importance to practical relevance. For this reason, we actively maintain a network with companies. There are various possibilities for cooperation, e.g. in the form of study & practice projects, practice transfers, workshops, guest lectures, excursions, internships or cooperation in our dual study programmes.

SRH Career Centre by JobTeaser

Find the perfect match for you!

The SRH Career Centre (by JobTeaser) gives companies the opportunity to present their company profile and to find skilled students and graduates for internships or jobs in a fast and easy manner.

This form will allow you to create your profile and broadcast your job and internship offers in our Career Centre. If you already have a profile on, or if you wish to create one with them, it be will directly integrated into our Career Centre.

By posting your offer through this form, you will be able to track its progress live (when it's validated, how many views it's had, how many students have applied etc.), archive it when necessary, or modify it. Once you've created your account, you will be able to quickly and easily add and track your job offers through your personal recruiter profile.

SRH Career Centre (Demo)
SRH Career Centre (Demo)

This is how it works!

The SRH Berlin Career Centre helps our students to shape their own professional careers and to find internship and/or job offers - including exclusive opportunities from over 400 JobTeaser partner companies.

Dual Degree Programmes
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Dual Degree Programmes

How to attract & retain qualified junior staff

A dual study programme is highly attractive for high school graduates and remains very popular. On the company's side, this is an option for attracting and retaining committed young employees in the long term. The alternation between periods of lectures and periods of practice within the company ensures a balanced theory-practice transfer.

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences offers the following (mostly German taught) programmes in dual study format:

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Germany Scholarship
Germany Scholarship

Support young talent!

The Germany Scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium) is an initiative of the Federal Government to support particularly talented students. The funding is provided in equal parts by the public sector and a sponsor from the private sector.

The funding is intended to help young, talented students to fully concentrate on their studies and achieve top performance. The scholarship is granted as a non-repayable grant and usually amounts to EUR 300 per month. In each case EUR 150 are provided by a private sponsor and EUR 150 by the federal government.

The amount of the scholarship can be larger if the private funds exceed the amount of EUR 150. Scholarships are awarded independently of income and can be combined with BAföG funding. The scholarship is granted for a one year period.

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