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Prof. Carlos Morelli

Professor for Script Writing und Directing

About me

About me

Professor for Script Writing und Directing (Berlin School of Design and Communication, SRH Berlin)
Mentor at the story development programme for graduating films at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB)
Director/Screenwriter of the feature film "The Birthday (Many Happy Returns)".

Produced by Das Kleine Fernsehspiel (ZDF) and Weydemann Bros GmbH. Rated especially valuable (Deutsche Film Medienbewertung FBW). Premiere at the 40th Max Ophüls-Preis Film Festival. International premiere at the 22nd Shanghai Int. Film Festival.

IBERMEDIA. Support for writing and producing feature films.
Director/Screenwriter of the feature film "Mi Mundial"

Premiere im Wettbewerb des Busan International Film Festival. Marché du Film Cannes 2017. Stockholm International Film Festival Bester Spielfilm für Jugendliche.

Guest lecturer. National Institute of Performing Arts INAE. Uruguay.
Lecturer for Dramaturgy and Film Direction, SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences
Short film "Monster" wins the 31st Festival Internacional Cinematográfico del Uruguay. Best Short Film Award
Masterclass. John Truby. “Anatomy of a Story”. Tv Series Festival
Short film "Warisover" wins ARTE Short Film Award. International Short Film Festival Hamburg.
Screenwriter for TV series. Univision/W Studios (USA)
Scholarship holder of the Berlin Artists-in-Residence Programme of the DAAD in Germany.
Seminary “STORY” by Robert Mckee (USA, New York)
Lecturer in Dramaturgy. University of Guadalajara, Mexico
Artist-in-Residence Modern Art Museum of Shanghai, China
Master in Screenwriting for Feature Films. Escola Superior e Cinematografía i Audiovisuals Catalunya. University of Barcelona, Spain.
Selected for the 54th Berlinale Talent Campus, Germany.
Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Production. Universidad ORT, Uruguay
Degree in Film Directing from ORT University (Uruguay) and a Master's Degree in Screenwriting from ESCAC (Barcelona/Spain).


  • Working with Actors
  • Character Building
  • Script Workflow
  • Directing Strategies
  • Film Preproduction II
  • Film Production II
  • Film Postproduction II

Research Foci

  • Co-authored a paper on Ernst Lubitsch with Dr Carmen Sofia Brenes, an independent researcher known for her studies on Aristotelian poetics.
  • Worked with three German companies (PAW, HANFGARN & UFER and Weydemann Bros) on the development of a feature film and three TV series projects: A family drama called "Closed Society" (feature film) funded by Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, a sci-fi TV series called "Forced Retirement," a youth series called Heimspiel funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH, and a documentary series accompanying the preparation and premiere of a play to be performed by the Thikwa Theatre Company.
  • Development of the TV series "Santiago" based on an adaptation of the novel "The Count of Monte Cristo" (Alejandro Dumas), produced by Syrreal Entertainment GmbH & Leonine Studios.
  • Development of the third feature film "Geschlossene Gesellschaft" (German Angst) with PAW GmbH and SciFi series "Forced Retirement", financed by Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung GmbH (MDM).
  • Direction and script for the mini-series "Air", a true crime story, funded by UNESCO, in collaboration with Oscar-nominated Maite Alberdi.
  • Development of the TV series "Heimspiel", produced by Weydemann bros, funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH (MBB).


  • EGEDA Association for the Management of Audiovisual Producers' Rights (Entidad de Gestión de Derechos de los Productores Audiovisuales)
  • BVR Bundesverband Regie e.V.