SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Creativity for Diversity

Using art for organizational learning and personal development

We transfer strategies from the world of art to companies in order to promote gender diversity and diversity management. In view of the upheaval of demographic and social changes, the integration of people of different genders, ethnicities, sexualities, religions and ages is a burning challenge for companies. Artistic methods in particular are effective here, because diversity is related to emotions and our existence - and is not just an abstract quantity. The world of art has always been a source of novelty and innovation and also holds diverse inspiration for business life. 
We develop a platform (database with actors, projects, and topics, as well as interface) for theoretically sound and practically tested creative methods that can be used to promote diversity. Here, artistic approaches are brought together (matched) with specific diversity challenges (e.g. intergenerational cooperation; religion and respect; women in leadership positions, etc.). The methods can be used in SMEs and large companies, and also in SRH, taking advantage of the existing artistic potential. These methods will also enrich teaching according to the CORE principle for the promotion of primarily self-competence, social competence and aesthetic competence.

Three main objectives:

  • Develop artistic methods for human resource and organizational development in the area of diversity and gender diversity.
  • Application of creative methods for leadership development and in management training
  • Artistic research and theory building


Start of the project:

The project ended in December 2022.


Project leader:


Further persons involved:

  • Prof. Dr. Arnold Groh
  • Prof. Dr. Svenja Tams.