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International Institute for Sustainability Management (IISM)

The IISM uses an interdisciplinary approach to research fields of action and develops strategies for a sustainable economy and society.

Sustainability management

Sustainability management systematically shapes corporate activities to ensure that environmental impacts are reduced in an economically efficient manner and desirable social impacts are increased in such a way that the commitment to social concerns becomes an integral part of the company's value creation and makes a traceable and lasting contribution to social and ecological improvements as well as to the company's success.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Company members and the company declare themselves responsible for the impact of their decisions and activities on society and the environment. They make decisions with sustainable value for the company and society. This requires integrating social and environmental concerns into goals, values, strategies and processes, and creating structures that encourage responsible behaviour and make it meaningful. Responsible and value-creating management is central here.

Ethics in business

Ethical reflection helps to analyse and evaluate impact. This involves concrete ethical orientation points in an organisation, occupational group or profession, as well as factors that promote or inhibit ethically oriented behaviour, from which approaches to personnel or organisational development can be derived.

Sustainable technology and innovation

This area is concerned with technology that supports and drives sustainability. The focus is on technological innovations and their implementation in markets. This involves analysing not only the technological innovations themselves, but also their application, users, competitors and markets.

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  • Aptime - Additive Process Technology Integration with Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Future Skills for European Green Deal