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The Institute of Global Hospitality Research (IGHOR), affiliated with the Dresden School of Management, is a globally connected research centre dedicated to advancing sustainable hospitality and innovation. Through collaborative projects with partners worldwide, including prestigious organizations like the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the German Environmental Agency, IGHOR has spearheaded initiatives in reusables/circular economy and sustainability labelling.

Led by Managing Director Prof. Dr. Hannes Antonschmidt and Scientific Director Prof. Dr. Markus Schuckert (University of New Hampshire), IGHOR boasts a team of esteemed professors and researchers in hospitality and tourism from Europe and Asia. With a focus on sustainable solutions, Prof. Dr. Antonschmidt has overseen projects and published extensively on topics like food sustainability and waste reduction in hotels.

Drawing on a rich network of German and international collaborators, IGHOR integrates innovative methods and the latest research findings to drive meaningful change in the hospitality and tourism industry.

People involved

Executive Director:

Scientific Director:

Other people involved:

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vanessa Borkmann
  • Prof. Dr. Ralf Burbach
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Ottenbacher
  • Prof. Dr. Stephen Pratt
  • Prof. Dr. Hartwig Bohne
  • Frau Pirkko Salo

Prof. Dr. Hannes Antonschmidt

School: Dresden School of Management

Professor of International Hotel Management

  • Program Director of B. A. International Tourism and Event Management (dual)
  • Director of the Institute of Global Hospitality Research

Research Foci

Prof. Dr. Hannes Antonschmidt is Professor of International Hotel Management and Head of the Institute of Global Hospitality Research (IGHOR) at Dresden School of Management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics (minor Politics and Administration) from the University of Potsdam and a master’s degree in Management Accounting from the University of Abertay Dundee (Scotland). Prof. Dr. Antonschmidt earned his PhD in Business and Socioeconomic Sciences with distinction at Modul University Vienna (Austria). His research interests are sustainability, innovation, and advanced quantitative methods. Currently, he investigates the conditions for the adoption of sustainability innovations in the service context.

Prof. Dr. Antonschmidt is an active member of AIEST (Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism, Switzerland) whose annual conference he regularly attends. His work was published in high-ranking international academic journals and he serves as a reviewer, i. a. for Journal of Cleaner Production, Tourism Management, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, and Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism.


Before his academic career, Prof. Dr. Antonschmidt was a consultant at the German Economic Institute for Tourism (dwif-Consulting GmbH) in Berlin in the areas of project development, economic analysis, and business and sustainability consulting. Clients and project partners were renowned public and private institutions along all stages of the tourism value chain. In 2015, Prof. Dr. Antonschmidt received a PhD scholarship from Modul University Vienna where he worked as a researcher and lecturer before joining Dresden School of Management in October 2019.

Title: Mehrweg in der Hotellerie [Reusables in the hotel industry]

Short Description of the project:
Reusables can make an important contribution to the improvement of businesses’ environmental balances. However, the empirical basis on the scale of and potential for reusable solutions is limited and hence, cannot guide effective strategic action to date. This also applies to the hotel industry whose enjoyment-centered service context poses particular challenges for sustainability-oriented change. Based on consumer and provider surveys, expert interviews, and a participative workshop, this project’s aim was to provide empirical data to shed light on the current use of reusable packaging, its potential, but also the challenges associated with its implementation in the hotel industry. Informed by the empirical results, a scenario for systemic change for the hotel industry was developed and concrete recommendations for key stakeholders were formulated.

SRH School: Dresden School of Management

Duration: 16/06/2023 – 31/12/2023

Funded by: WWF Deutschland, Berlin

SRH Participants: Prof. Dr. Hannes Antonschmidt

In Cooperation with:
BTE – Tourismus- und Regionalberatung, Berlin; Universität für Bodenkultur (BOKU), Vienna