The Institute for Culture and Diversity Studies

Our goals

The Institute for Culture and Diversity Studies aims to focus on the following areas:

  • Undertake and facilitate culture and diversity research activities
  • Generate know-how and enable knowledge transfer in culturally diverse organisations, communities and societies
  • Develop and enhance intercultural and diversity competencies
  • Initiatiate and advance activities that foster cultural diversity by making use, when possible, of public relations activities
  • Empower and bridge cultures and communities

People involved

Execuitive Director:

Scientific Director:

  • Prof. Dr. Arnold Groh

Other people involved:

  • Prof. Dr. jur. Bert Eichhorn
  •  Prof. Dr. Henning Kreis
  • Olla Jongerius /Diversity Expert & Inclusion Organisation
  • Anke Neuzerling/Fernseh Redaktorin/SWR Aktuell



  • Horizon 2020 EU project:Call: H2020-SC6-MIGRATION-2018-2019-2020/ Topic: MIGRATION-09-2020                
  • Regular seminars on intercultural work in cooperation with the UN Human Rights