Institute for Professional Development

Our goals

Professional development with artistic methods; artistic interventions; workshops with artists.

The Institute for Professional Development is an intermediary that brings together the worlds of business and the arts to advance management and leadership. It offers professional development courses on different levels and artistic methods for HR and leadership development. We focus on cross-innovation, developing innovative solutions in cross-industry cooperations, integrating knowledge, tools and methods from the creative industries and the world of arts into all other industries.

People involved

Executive and Scientific Director:

Other people involved:

  • Prof. Dr. Svena Tams
  • Prof. Dr. Agnes Schipanski
  • Prof. Bene Aperdannier
  • Prof. Robert Keßler
  • Prof. Marc Secara
  • Claus-Dieter Bandorf (WiMi)
  • Rene Rennefeld (Dozent)
  • Sandy Schwermer (Dozentin)
  • Tim Thaler (Dozent)
  • Drumtrainer Berlin (Dirk Erchinger)
  • Alexander Könitz (extern)
  • Stephan Meyer-Brehm (extern)



Further impressions