SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Institute for Ludology

Our goals

Game research, game studies

As children, we humans experience our surroundings at play, we play around with fantasy, engage in role playing games, design buildings and technology in our minds and construct them with our hands. We invent regulations, establish new rules or urge to change existing ones. Just like nature, love, work, power and death, play counts among the basic phenomena of humankind. Hence, numerous scientific disciplines concern themselves with the various constituent aspects of play and games. The field of ludology aims to be a distinct scientific discipline that conducts interdisciplinary research and has and exerts a transdisciplinary influence. Ensuing from game-based research questions, observations, analyses and assessments, the field of ludology explores the greatly complex phenomenon of play and games from different disciplinary perspectives and thereby strives to bring structure into the theory of play behaviour and develop models for observation, analysis and decision-making.

People involved

Executive Director:

Scientific Director:

  • Prof. Dr. Karin Falkenberg

Other people involved:

  • Jonas Vossler
  • Stefanie Talaska
  • Andre Vogel
  • Timo Schöber
  • Petra Fuchs
  • Veronika Kocher


  • LudoLeist - Was können StartUps von Spieleentwicklern lernen?
  • Spielzeugmuseum Nürnberg
  • Deutsches Spiele-Archiv
  • Haus des Spiels Nürnberg
  • International Game Museum
  • Spielewelt Altenburg
  • Beratung und Coaching zu zahlreichen Gamification-Projekten
  • App (
  • Gamecampus etc.