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Scholarship for international students

What is STIBET?

SRH Berlin announces STIBET Final Semester and Engagement Scholarships for international students. The programm is called “Combined Scholarship and Support Programme” (Kombiniertes Stipendien- und Betreuungsprogramm); the funding is provided by Federal Foreign Office for German universities and is intended to make it easier for German universities to create hospitable and performance-promoting conditions for their international students. The funds are administered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).  

The STIBET programme includes the DAAD Award, which is awarded once a year to an outstandingly committed student; students can apply until 27.11.2023. We also use these funds to partically finance the Residence Permit Service in the International Office, which supports students in applying for a residence permit in Berlin, as well as intercultural events during the introductory week and during the semester. The Global Cooperation Institute coordinates the STIBET programme at SRH Berlin. 

You can apply for the scholarship programme if you are pursuing a Bachelor's or Master's degree full-time at SRH Berlin.  

There are two types of scholarships: 

  1. Graduation scholarship 
  2. Commitment scholarships 

More about the Scholarships

The scholarship is 700 Euros per month. The length of the grant depends on the application. 

You can apply for a study completion scholarship if you 

  • have a nationality other than German, 
  • are studying full-time and in attendance at the SRH Berlin, either in Berlin, Dresden or Hamburg, and also live there, 
  • you have achieved outstanding academic results, 
  • are in the final phase of your studies, i.e. in the penultimate or final semester, and 
  • you will graduate in 2023, but at the latest within 12 months of being awarded the scholarship for 2023. 

You can apply for an engagement scholarship if you are 

  • have a citizenship other than German, 
  • are studying full-time and in attendance at the SRH Berlin, either in Berlin, Dresden or Hamburg, 
  • have achieved outstanding academic results, 
  • you have studied with us for at least one year, and 
  • you have shown special international commitment at SRH Berlin, e.g. supporting other students in their studies or their life in Germany (also as a buddy) or helping out at SRH events, but also for your commitment outside the university. 

There is no legal entitlement to a STIBET scholarship. 

For 2023 you can apply until 27.11.2023. Your application must be received no later than midnight Central European Time on 27.11.2023 at; applications received after this date will not be considered. 

To apply, please send the following documents with the subject "STIBET Scholarship" to the Global Cooperation Institute

  • Application form 
  • cover letter/letter of motivation 
  • CV in table form 
  • current Transcript of Records
  • current enrollement certificate
  • if possible: documents that tell something about your social and/or financial situation and can support your application
  • if possible: recommendation letter by one of your lecturers (by email to
  • copy of your passport

Honouring students with outstanding academic achievements and intercultural commitment.