Customise your studies

Your extracurricular courses
Broaden your horizons!

Have you always been interested in photography or the basics of marketing? Perhaps you want to know more about presentation techniques? Or sing in a choir? Every semester you have the opportunity to choose additional courses from study programmes of all schools of the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences in addition to your regular curriculum.

What you need to know:

  • You can find the courses that are available in this programme on CampusNet, where you can also register.
  • If you participate in the exam, you can also earn credits which will be listed in your Diploma Supplement.
  • All students of SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences can participate in this programme free of charge.

Questions? The course management team is happy to help.

It can be stressful to take additional courses but the outcome is enormous: you can get extra credits and certificates. The additional expertise has already paid off in my job.

Steve Gildemeister, B.A. Wirtschaftspsychologie