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Feminist Theory and Queer Studies in Management

Students produce animated videos on topics that are relevant in business and especially in the creative industries, such as diversity, power and discrimination, among others.

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Prof. Dr. Brigitte Biehl

Professor for Media and Communication Management, Study programme director B.A. Creative Industries Management

Berlin School of Popular Arts

In this “practical project” (elective module, with Prof. Dr. Brigitte Biehl), the students explored management with a focus on gender, politics, power relations and sexuality. This fits with the creative industries with their 3 Ts: talent, technology, and tolerance. The creative industries have a more diverse workforce than many other industries, and gender issues are important in every business. Topics that the students discussed in the module include gender equality and the promotion of women’s rights, interests and issues, along with the political agenda of the LGBTQIA+ community, and intersectional forms of discrimination (e.g. women of colour). This module helps to navigate difficult waters in business.

The Creative Industries Management students delivered practical work in the form of animated videos they created on the basis of their own storyboards and their own cinematographic choices. Videos in this series include: benevolent sexism; female misogyny; the gender pay gap; LGBT+ in leadership; sexual harassment in the workplace; women and writing; the patriarchal legacy of colonialism.

Project works 6 videos

Topics: Benevolent Sexism | Female Misogyny | Gender Pay Gap | LGBT+ in Leadership | Sexual Harassment in the Workplace | A History of Transgender Discrimination