SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Developments and opportunities

for the Berlin School of Technology

Prof. Dr. Michael Hartmann, Academic Director of the Berlin School of Technology (BST)

"The Berlin School of Technology is the youngest school in our university. I think I speak on behalf of my colleagues and our students when I say that we are most looking forward to the labs at the new campus. Here we will have labs for data science, mechatronics, automation technology & robotics, e-mobility and renewable energies. Together with our chemistry and recycling lab in Adlershof, we are thus adapting to the international standard for technical training areas and opening up new and bigger possibilities for teaching and research at our school.

For teaching, this means that we can teach our predominantly international students more application-related skills in engineering sciences, digital industry, environmental technologies, renewable energies, artificial intelligence and cyber security. The promotion of skills, the acquisition of sound knowledge and the practical relevance of the studies characterise both our Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. This makes our students attractive to companies and enables and facilitates their access to the labour market, which also benefits our society in times of a shortage of skilled workers."

"The new campus will not only boost teaching but also research activities, which in turn will increase the attractiveness of our school and our university for students. Today's research takes place in an international and interdisciplinary context, and this is where the new campus offers excellent opportunities with its four schools offering a wide range of disciplines, such as management, sustainable and digital technologies, design and communication, and music. Bringing the schools together on one campus, which were previously based at different locations in Berlin, helps develop synergies between the disciplines and opens up exciting fields of research. We are therefore already looking forward to the intensive exchange with colleagues and students from the other schools. We are convinced that the new campus will thus make a significant contribution to our university's ability to develop an attractive and unique profile over time and will thus be in the position to further establish and have a presence in the education market in the years to come. We are grateful that SRH is opening up this perspective for us with the new campus."