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Institute for New Work and Coaching (INWOC)

Empowered by research

The Institute for New Work and Coaching (INWOC) is a research institute based in business psychology that considers the transfer of knowledge as an essential part of research. We conduct applied research in the fields of new work and coaching and communicate the results - in a compact and comprehensive manner.

The digitalisation and globalisation of the world of work, a dramatic increase in knowledge and demographic change are increasingly challenging organisations. Many organisations are responding to these trends by introducing new work structures or by relying on supportive measures such as coaching - often with far-reaching effects.

Our goal is to empower practitioners to make such significant decisions based on evidence and thus to exploit the potential of new work and coaching. After all, new work and coaching also come with risks and may cause undesirable side effects.

In addition to providing information about relevant research results, we also take input from real-world contexts in order to address practically relevant issues with our own research. Our goal is to build bridges between science and practice and thus contribute to the professionalisation of new work and coaching.

Who are we? INWOC consists of a diverse research team around Prof. Dr. Carsten C. Schermuly and Prof. Dr. Heidi Möller. Members of the research team are Prof. Dr. Carolin Graßmann, Dr. Franziska Schölmerich, Tabea Augner, Stefanie Prediger, Laura Creon, Ivana Drazic, Jan Koch and Natalie Michalik. In the area of new work and coaching, we conduct research on topics including psychological empowerment, agility, diversity, and human resource development.  



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  • Prof. Dr. Heidi Möller

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