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Institute for International Strategic Management & Innovation (SMI)

The Institute for International Strategic Management & Innovation conducts research projects that provide practical insights and recommendations for companies based on emerging developments and transformations, for example in the automotive industry, big data analysis & AI, banking & financial services, Industry 4.0, renewable energies, smart home & living, telecommunications etc. Depending on its development phase, each firm has to master different challenges:

  1. Companies need data for meaningful development and establishment in the market. The institute supports companies by analysing trends and evaluating data from international markets and competitive environments.
  2. In addition, companies face constantly growing and dynamic international competition. In this context, the institute develops solutions for strategic, personnel, financial and technological challenges. The aim of these solutions is to maintain and expand business positions in the market through innovative business models.


People involved

Executive Director:

Scientific Director:

  • Dr. Reinhard Messenböck

Other people involved:



  1. "Development of a Predictive Transformation Radar"
  2. "How to Digitally Support Transformation Processes"
  3. "Opportunities and Risks of New Recruiting Channels in Financial Institutions"
  • left: Prof. Dr. Ronald Glasberg
  • right: Prof. Dr. Michael Hartmann
  • left: Dr. Reinhard Messenböck
  • right: Jens Jahn