SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences


We listen to our students.

The well-being of our students is our most important concern and international students are particularly challenged: Moving to another country, new language, new culture and cultures, different academic traditions, far away from home and everything familiar. By now, the number of our international students makes up half of the student body. That is why we want to find out how these students in particular are doing and how well we are responding to their needs. This year, SRH Berlin is therefore taking part in the world's largest survey of international students, asking over 2,000 of our students and graduates about their experiences and opinions.

Every year, the International Student Barometer evaluates the responses of thousands of international students at 1,400 institutions in 36 countries. Sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service, German universities are also taking part in 2022. The Global Cooperation Institute and the Quality Management of the SRH Berlin are conducting the surveys between 24 November and 19 December. Our international students in Berlin, Hamburg, and Dresden as well as students who have to study online currently will be invited by email to participate in the survey.

We would like to thank all students and graduates who participated in the survey! We will analyse the results together with the student body. Wherever we feel our students need more support, we will work to implement this