Information and updates about the coronavirus

Date: 19 April 2021

Dear students and others,

Due to the current infection situation, a new Infection Protection Ordinance for Berlin has been passed. The new regulations are to remain in place until at least 9 May 2021.

Update: For more information on the testing strategy of the university, please see the FAQs below.

We therefore ask you to avoid visiting the university for the time being. If you have to come to the university, either get tested free of charge at one of the test centres ( or or or use a self-test.

Furthermore, we would like to ask you to only come to the university if you are symptom-free and have a negative test result that is not older than 24 hours. If you get the test result by email from the test centre, we ask you to keep it for four weeks, according to the regulation. If you test at home, we would like you to take a photo of the test result and keep it with you. If the test result is positive, it is important that you inform the university and the relevant health authority. The health office will then discuss the next necessary steps with you. If you have any questions, please contact the Executive Board (

Best regards,

Victoria Büsch & Thorsten Bagschik

PS: Find more general information here:

FAQS Testing Strategy | for students

  • Students taking part in in-person teaching/seminars
  • Students taking in-person examinations
  • Students who have an appointment with the administration (e.g. borrowing media, meeting with the Student and Welcome Services, using the library)
  • Students who have made an appointment to use the function rooms (e.g. studios)

This depends on the 7-day incidence rate of the city concerned (Berlin, Dresden and Hamburg). Should this be over 100 for three days, then the test is compulsory. If the 7-day incidence rate is
below 100, we strongly recommend that you come to campus only after taking a test.

Students who have been fully vaccinated are exempt from compulsory testing. (“Based on the current state of knowledge, the risk of virus transmission by individuals who have been fully vaccinated, is, from the 15th day after administration of the second vaccination dose at the latest, lower than when infected individuals who do not have any symptoms have a negative rapid antigen test.” Source: Robert Koch Institute)

The following tests are accepted:

  • PCR test
  • rapid test at a test centre
  • self-test

All tests listed above need to be updated on a daily basis, so the test should be done no more than 24 hours before coming to the relevant campus.

In the event that testing is compulsory, self-tests will be provided free of charge by the university. They can be picked up at the Welcome Desk. You need to sign a receipt that you have received one.

We rely on everyone acting responsibly. Each student must present to the lecturer or member of the administrative staff - without being asked to do so - a document confirming that they have a recent (less than 24 hours old) negative test result (see template below). They must be able to show on demand proof of the test result (e-mail, printed document or photo).

Document: Self-Declaration negative Corona test

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I contact your study advisors in order to make an appointment?
    The study advisors at our schools are happy to guide you through our range of study programmes, the application process, admission requirements and financing options. Please find their contact details here.
  • Can I get a campus tour?
    Due to Covid-19 we are unable to offer campus tours at the moment. However, you can have a look at our virtual tours and campus videos on Youtube.
  • Are there any other information sessions that you offer?
    Please find an overview of our current online and on-campus events here.
  • I am not sure whether I can get a student visa in time because of Covid-19 and/or whether I can enter Germany.
    You can still apply online as we are adapting to the current situation. For example, you might start your studies online and continue them on campus once you are in Germany.
  • Can I start or continue my studies if the situation is getting worse?
    Yes, thanks to our blended learning and study model (online classes + self study), you can start your courses online and you can already interact with your classmates. You will be able to study, exchange ideas and fully engage with your professors and fellow students in our virtual classrooms. You will also be able to hold presentations, work on practical projects or hand in essays and acquire credits through continuous assessment. We have successfully been offering this blended learning and study model since March 2020.
  • I am unable to take one of the usual English proficiency tests due to the current situation. Do you accept other (online) tests?
    If you cannot take one of the standard English proficiency tests due to COVID-19, we are currently also accepting the following online English tests: Duolingo Certificate | result needed: 95 Points; TOEFL Special Home Edition | result needed: 87 ibt; IELTS Indicator | result needed: 6.5 overall