SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences
Assistant lecturer

Joost Alleblas

External lecturer for Scientific Writing & Media Ethics

Phone: +49 30 515650 100

About me

Joost Alleblas studied at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the University of Amsterdam and ESSEC-Paris. He obtained a master in both Philosophy and Economics. Currently he's pursuing a PhD in the philosophy of technology, investigating how emerging technologies in the Smart City influence existing notions of citizenship. Joost has published on Virtual Reality and Nature (2016), Surveillance and Singapore (2017) and has given a Foucauldian analysis of Sensor-societies (2017). He teaches Design Ethics in Dessau (Hochschule Anhalt) and at the design akademie Berlin.

His focus is on ethics in Design and the effects of emerging technologies on society and individuals. He is interested in discovering how philosophy can help designers be reflective on the side-effects of their innovations and improve on their analyses of the future and their place in the future. Reflection in action, and the development of (moral) tools to envision the future are two of his interests in Design, next to understanding how designers see themselves as moral actors. In Berlin, Joost teaches Marketing and Media Ethics, Design Methodology and Research Design. He has been with the Design Akademie since 2015.

Joost Alleblas is teaching in the M.A. Programs Strategic Design and Marketing Communication at the design akademie berlin.