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Students curate an exhibition with German and international artists.

In the practical project “Curating”, students of the B.A. Creative Industries Management worked with Dr. Suzy Royal, an independent curator and art historian. The module introduced students to all aspects of curating an exhibition.

Together, they organised the group exhibition “Fluidity” at the art space KIB Raum für Kunst in Berlin, near Arena Badeschiff. Students learned about artist management, wrote a press release and exhibition texts, planned Public Relations communication, were involved in hanging an exhibition, and helping with the vernissage. Under the guidance of Dr. Royal, students teamed up with an artist and supported the process. Seven students from the study programme curated seven Berlin-based artists. Each of the seven participating artists explored the concept of fluidity and its multiple interpretations - from gender or sexual fluidity to those who work directly with water or fluids or fluid art forms.

Thanks to the project, students developed their skills to curate and manage processes in the art world and trained the competences that can be transferred to all other sectors of the creative industries where artists are supported and projects are organised.

Project team

B.A. Creative Industries Management students

Berlin School of Popular Arts