SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Development of a Sustainable Cider Brand

Marketing students create a sustainable cider, made from regional fruits and packaged in recycled material.


The goal of the project was to design a brand and matching marketing strategy for a sustainable beverage that fits the theme of "Better World." In addition to product development, the students dealt with market research and the marketing and advertising strategies for the next 24 months.

Project team

Students of the german IBWL - Marketing: Deena Kohlmann, Santiago Rixraht

Berlin School of Management

The product

  • Above-average alcohol content of 6.5% (due to additional sugar during fermentation)
  • 3 flavors: Apple, Berry mix, and Apricot
  • Recycled aluminum cans with deposit system: because glass breaks during parties
  • Conveying a complete lifestyle: Fun, joy, summer, freedom, friendship, relaxation
  • Bio-Cio Cider is “the best among the cheap”, because “we make quality affordable.”

Branding and Design

  • Design core idea: positive life feeling, which extends from the name over the logo to the color scheme. 
  • Brand name: Not yet registered in the German trademark register. 
  • The first logo ideas were expected to have comprehension problems: the continuous "I" in the first and the too thin font in the second.
  • Color scheme: strong and pastel colors, rather bright; is meant to convey a sense of summer, friendship, and freedom. 
  • Flavor directions: 3 different varieties should reach all taste types, which is why they differentiate from each other through certain aspects

Market Research and Value Proposition

  • There were 3 previously developed Value Propositions (brand promise) that were presented to the 6 test subjects. Test subjects marked green and red what they liked and what they didn't like.
  • For each Value Proposition, points between 1 - 10 should be awarded, then the scoring should be justified and the Value Propositions possibly improved - the 3rd Value Proposition won by a fairly large margin with 46 / 50 points.
  • Revised Value Proposition and thus the guideline for later marketing and advertising strategies: The environmentally friendly Cider.

Customer: Actually, I like drinking beer and alcohol in bottles or cans, but I find it stupid that the environment is so burdened by production, transport & packaging. 

Benefit: Buy our cider, because we are 100% environmentally friendly.

Reasons Why: Natural ingredients are regional (no overseas deliveries); use of recycled aluminum for packaging; avoidance of environmentally harmful freight, as it is produced in Berlin.


Realistic, timed, and measurable

Economic Goals: We aim to achieve a revenue of €25,000 by December 2022; We aim to achieve a revenue of €85,000 by December 2023.

Ecological Goals: We aim to be fully digitized by December 2022; We aim to have CO2-neutral shipping by December 2023.

Social Goals: We aim to be known to 15% of our target group by December 2022; We aim to be known to 40% of our target group by December 2023.

Advertising Measures and Calculation

  • Promotion of the brand in the first two years: Chose 4 different advertising possibilities in Berlin - Launch initially in Berlin
  • Budget for 24 months (without budget specification)
  • Advertising on Youtube and Google (SEA) to reach young people = €10,200.00
  • Instagram advertising in the form of product placements and promotion through influencers = €7,200.00
  • Outdoor advertising: banners, posters, advertising pillars and large posters on busy shopping streets and in shopping centers = €10,800.00
  • Advertising stand in shopping centers, such as Mall of Berlin = €21,000.00
  • Buffer = €10,800.00
  • Total budget = €60,000.00€

Operative Calender

  • An operational calendar is used to display all advertising measures in an overview, even if they run parallel.
  • Bio-Cio Cider: The posters will mainly be hanging outside from April/May to August, as everyone is outside due to the temperatures; YouTube Ads/Google Ads are always used before and after the main sales season, as people are less on their phones in the summer, as they are more likely to be outside.

Checking of objectives

We will continuously check whether we will achieve our economic, ecological, and social goals in 24 months. Have an annual BCG matrix and marketing funnel created in relation to growth and general awareness; Surveys: via social media analyses on brand image.

Economic goals: Finance staff/accounting carries out a review of the accounts at the end of the year.

Ecological goals: Check individual areas for digitization - throughput; Check shipping methods for CO2 emissions - calculation of CO2 neutrality.

Social goals: Market research and street survey in Berlin at the end of each year.