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Development of a "Better World"-Brand

Marketing students create a sustainable drink meal, targeting a cutting-edge trend in the smart food market.

Project task

  • First and second semester students of IBWL - Marketing create a "Better-World" brand in the form of a sustainable drink meal from scratch in the "Digital Marketing" module.
  • Three teams of four students each had exactly four weeks for this. 
  • Result of: Amelie Sommerfeld, Johann Trapp, Joe Schuster and Henric Stegenwalner. 
  • Product and logo: Design by Lorenzo Zürn.
Project team

First and second semester of german B.A. IBWL - Marketing

Prof. Dr. Claudia Bünte

Professor of Business Administration with a focus on Marketing

Berlin School of Management

What is a drinkable meal?

  • A drinkable meal is a balanced and healthy meal in liquid form.
  • It provides a practical alternative for those who don't have the time to eat but still want to have a nutritious meal.
  • There are already established competitors in the market such as YFood, Huel, and Saturo, although some of them face significant criticism.

"Better World"-Products

  • The "Better World" products contribute to sustainability and support environmental or social engagement.
  • The target group for such products leads a modern and conscious lifestyle.
  • The team decided on several sustainable elements for their drinkable meal:- Vegan based on oats
    - Natural ingredients, without artificial flavors
    - Recyclable cardboard packaging
    - Fair production
    - Organic certification


  • Growth and Establishment on the German Market
  • “Hammjo” should be firmly anchored in the assortment at Edeka and Bio Company over the next two years.
  • The annual turnover is expected to be around €8 million.
  • The company structure should be expanded, and 10 – 15 new employees should be hired.
  • Additional capital providers should invest.
  • Sustainability should be further improved, for example, through CO2 compensation.
  • 1 – 2 new flavors should be developed.
  • It should be made clear that the drinkable meal is filling and not a beverage.

Value Proposition, the promise of the Brand

Market Research

  • 7 individuals between the ages of 25 - 45 were presented with 3 different Value Propositions.
  • 4 out of the 7 individuals preferred the VP "The Environmentally Conscious" - the VP is further improved with the surveyed individuals.

The winning Value Proposition: The Environmentally Conscious

Customer Insight – the way the target group thinks: "I want my drinkable meal to be eco-friendly."

The brand promise: "Hammjo" offers you an eco-friendly and ecological alternative in the Smart Food market. 

The proof: Vegan product, environmentally friendly packaging, organic product.

The 4Ps

  • Product: Product development including taste, smell, and packaging
  • Price: Dependent on costs, competition, and customers' willingness to pay
  • Place: Distribution and sales channels in Germany
  • Promotion: Identification of advertising channels including basic idea, creative brief, and advertising measures & detailed elaboration for a period of 2 years including operational calendar and target control.

The Product

In line with the VP, the product is based on 4 special features

  • Natural and balanced: rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins
  • Ecological and sustainable: vegan, organic, environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Taste variety: available in 3 different flavors
  • Simple and practical: always with you, in case time is short and hunger needs to be satisfied

The design of the brand "Hammjo" should convey environmental awareness

  • The logo is intended to evoke associations such as nature, environment, quality, and value- Supports the Better-World-Image
    - Color scheme brown/beige stands for naturalness
    - Distinction from the competition through more details
  • The brand name- is an acronym of the founder names Henric, Amelie, Johann, and Joe
    - has a soft sound
    - is not yet registered in the German brand register and is therefore available for use

Advertisment meseaures and communication

The team aims to particularly focus on sustainability in advertising

  • Environmental awareness and sustainability: vegan, organic seal, cardboard packaging
  • Value and Quality- Attention to detail in content and design
    - Balanced mix of high-quality and natural ingredients
  • Innovation: advanced solution for people who want to consume food uncomplicatedly

The communication is based on 4 core measures

  • Outdoor advertising
  • Influencer marketing
  • Display in the market

The advertising budget amounts to around 2.2 million € per year

  1. Outdoor advertising in three major German cities: each 4 times a year = approx. 1.9 million € 
  2. Influencer Marketing (10 - 15,000 followers): 11 times in the 1st year, 8 times in the 2nd year = approx. 280,000 €
  3. SEO/SEA (Search Engine Optimization – and advertising) on YouTube and on Google = approx. 56,000 € per year 
  4. In the 2nd year, cardboard displays will also be set up in the supermarkets: approx. 160,000 €

The total budget amounts to around 2.2 million € per year

Operative calender: 1. & 2. year

Advertising Measures in the 1st Year:

  • Focus on Influencer Marketing (11 months) and SEO / SEA (continuously)
  • Partial focus on outdoor advertising in the form of "City Light Posters"

Advertising Measures in the 2nd Year:

  • Continued main focus on Influencer Marketing (8 months) and SEO/SEA (continuously)
  • Partial focus on floor displays (6 months) and outdoor advertising in the form of cardboard displays in supermarkets at selected "Points of Sale" (5 months)

Success Control

The team monitors

  • Product placement through random sampling at Edeka and Bio Company branches.
  • The sales of their products in the online shop.
  • The impact of influencers through their own business profiles.
  • The success of the advertising campaign through sales figures and click rates on the landing page, as well as through their own market research on brand awareness and popularity.