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Heaven above Beirut

The art book "Heaven above Beirut" with its outstanding editorial design traces the secret of the city of Beirut and shows in pictures and texts what makes this city so fascinating. The book is both a work of art and a piece of contemporary history.

For centuries Beirut was considered a place of longing and still is, despite all the challenges of the current situation in which Lebanon and its capital Beirut find themselves today. The images and texts in this book show the struggle of a city for its existence and for its identity. They were taken almost a year before the devastating explosion of August 4th 2020, which tore a deep wound into the economically and politically battered city located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean. The present book was created in the context of a university cooperation between the Berlin School of Design and Communication of SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences and ALBA Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts and also symbolizes the deep affection for the city of Beirut, Lebanon and its inhabitants.

The photographs and the editorial design were created by students. The texts were created by professors from both universities. Prof. Gilbert Beronneau is responsible for the management of the university cooperation as well as editor and author of the artefakte publication series.

A high quality print edition with thread binding and cover with special printing (artefakte 03, 1st edition 2021; 184 p.; ISBN 978-3-942648-38-7) can be purchased by contacting Prof. Beronneau directly (

Project team

Students of SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences and Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (Université de Balamand)

Prof. Gilbert Beronneau

Study programme director M.A. Social Design and Sustainable Innovation

Berlin School of Design & Communication

Project and Book impressions

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