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22 July - 9 August 2024 | The InnoLab for students and companies

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Supporting young talent at the highest level

Once a year, the InnoLab brings students and companies together. Students choose their favourite cases and work together with company representatives and professors on these cases over a period of three weeks. In this way, students come into direct contact with companies of interest to them and the companies experience their future interns and employees in direct company processes.

Students from the study programmes Design, Communication, Illustration, Photography, Web Development, Marketing, Music & Sound, Media and Creative Industries, Film & Television, Creative Writing, Renewable Energies, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Business Administration, Tourism, Engineering, Business Psychology, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management offer the companies different perspectives on the tasks set. Our partner companies can draw on the potential of more than 400 students from all over the world.

Bjoern Krass-Koenitz (, +49 179 5026430) and Prof. Ralf Kemmer ( will answer questions about the module.

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Bjoern Krass-Koenitz

Head of SRH Start-up Lab Berlin / Innovation Lab

Prof. Ralf Kemmer

Professor for Campaign and Communication Planning

The 2023 SRH InnoLab

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Projects we did so far (selection):

Together with the UfA, we looked at diversity in recruitment processes!

We analysed how ZEIT events can be better marketed on Instagram. We also asked ourselves how the website can make the leap into the modern age.

Together with representatives of the United Nations, we designed the Index for Social Sustainability! We discussed with the Bertelsmann Stiftung what skills are needed specifically for the 21st century.

We developed an award with an alumni programme for founders for the Club of Budapest. We also developed the IHK's digital toolbox and worked with Axel Springer on the infrastructure for e-mobility!

For the Aufbau publishing group, we set ourselves the task of designing art book subscriptions for younger target groups. We also developed an application for medical students for Springer Medizin.

We developed a creative pitching format for Deriva Films. We revised the guidelines for voice and sound. We developed a communication strategy for Ferropolis.

We supported the launch of the first game for an indie development studio. We also worked on eSports and Age of Empires II - Order of the Sheep and created an action campaign for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Statements about the InnoLab 2023

Deriva Films
"We experience new approaches that we often don't even think about in our day-to-day work."
IHK Berlin
"The career pages of most companies are not tailored to Gen-Z. At InnoLab, several project teams are now working on a realisable solution"
Gamer Legion
"We are super happy that we were able to be a part of InnoLab and will be happy to be partners again next year"
Peter Spiegel
"In the InnoLab, students learn about the importance of future skills for their generation and work on the platform that will communicate these future skills to the world in the future."

Students' opinions

"I thought it was cool to get to know the other study programmes."
"It's great to work with a company that actually exists and has a real case."
"I've never experienced team bonding like this before."
"It's super interesting to see how other people from other study programmes approach projects in a completely different way to us."