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Music and Sound Bachelor's
Music and Sound Bachelor's

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As a performing artist you play your way into an audience’s heart and feel at home on the stage. You have a passion for songwriting and music production and your heart beats faster when using samplers and synthesizers. Whether it's piano, guitar, soft- or hardware instruments, notes and chords flow in your blood. If this checks your boxes, you’ve come to the right place.
The Berlin School of Popular Arts is situated in the southwest of Germany’s capital, with a teeming music and culture scene. The content of the Bachelor's programmes in sound and music are just as diverse as the location.
At SRH Berlin you receive the full support of your lecturers. They mentor you in your artistic development, drawing from their own experience as active and internationally-sought artists. Your creativity finds space in  the various workshops, concerts and events. You are encouraged to try out jazz, pop, hip hop and experimental music, and not fixed on a specific genre. Your playground is a studio with state-of-the-art equipment that’s also available outside of class hours.

For your Bachelor’s degree in sound and music choose between:

You can take your courses in English or German.

Discover your future in music with us

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Our 3 music and sound programmes

Which study programme is right for me?

  Popular Music (B.Mus.) Music Production (B.A.) Audio Design (B.A.)
Info about the programme

Your Bachelor of Music in popular music will transform you into a performing artist, on stage and in the studio. You develop your identity as an artist and your proficiency as a musician. And focus on

  • your major instrument
  • performance training
  • ensembles and 
  • songwriting.


You acquire further competences in areas, such as:

  • music business, 
  • artist development, 
  • pedagogy and 
  • sound engineering

Get to the core of music production in your bachelor’s in music production. Get to know your major instrument inside out. Gain experience in song and media composition, while you also learn to handle:

  • studio equipment
  • software programmes
  • recording and
  • production processes.


Follow your piece from conception to completion, implementing your skills as a tech-literate music producer.

With your digital device you are a one-(wo)man-show. You won’t need an instrument major in your bachelor’s in audio design, because the tools of the trade are at your fingertips. With the use of different

  • software programmes and
  • hardware instruments,

such as samplers and synthesisers, you create a world of sounds. 

Become even more versatile as you get to know

  • software programming and the
  • technical details of your studio equipment.

And how awesome is the fact that you have access to up to the minute equipment outside of class hours. 

Target group The professional artist, musician and songwriter on stage and in the studio.

The modern music producer with an all-round skill set.

The electronic musician, whose artistic ideas can be applied in a variety of media contexts.
Your requirements creativity, enjoy music, good ability in instruments major / vocals creativity, enjoy music, abilities in instrument major / vocals creativity, interest in sound design and (electronic) music, openness for different styles and genres
Main focus Instrumental, Performance, Songwriting & Composition Song-based music production, Instrumental, Composition, Sound engineering Production of electronic music and sound, in order to work with samplers, synthesizers and DAWs
Instrument major with individual mentoring +++
(vocals, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, violin) - 6 semesters of individual lessons

(vocals, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, violin) - 4 semesters of individual lessons

(working with computers and electronic instruments, in small project based groups)

Minor/instrumental practice


free choice of minor, additional major in groups, correpetition
piano minor, portfolio development
piano minor, portfolio development
Sound engineering

(recording, editing, mixing)

(recording, setups, editing mixing, mastering, production, sound design, plug ins, libraries, DAWs, hardware /instrument engineering)

Performance training/ Pedagogy/
Artist Development
(artist development, pedagogy, performance training, music management)
(project management)
(project management)

(songwriting, lyrics)

++ +
Media Composition -

(film music, game audio, arrangement, orchestration)


film music, game audio
arrangement, orchestration

Sound design

(sound design)



After graduation
After graduation

Career perspectives

Become a/an artist, musician, film musician, music producer, composer, songwriter, PR and marketing manager, concert/event promoter, voice-over/dubbing artist, sound engineer, sound designer, arranger, orchestrator, tv & radio staff, vocal and instrumental coach, software developer, label and publishing staff, product manager ...


Frequently asked questions

You will find information about the examination process and/or sample papers on the respective study programme pages.

During your internship in the 5th semester, you will have a chance to network and be provided with access to different industries and employers.

You have the possibility to do one of our Master’s degrees at our university. If you wish to get a more in-depth view into audio design you can choose our Master’s in Computing and the Arts (M.A.).

You can also apply for the following Master’s programmes (English-speaking selection):

Other programmes that might be suitable are:

  • media management,
  • media sciences,
  • music pedagogy.

You can apply for (external) full or partial scholarships, such as the Deutschlandstipendium for talented students. If you pay not one, but two semesters in advance, your tuition fees are reduced by 3%. In combination with an SRH scholarship your fees can be reduced up to 30%. In case of external scholarships, your lecturers are happy to assist you in writing up a report. Please find more information about financing options and how to contact our study advisors on our Financing & Scholarship page.

SOPA to the Ears
SOPA to the Ears

Berlin School of Popular Arts (SOPA) on Spotify

In our SOPA Playlist we present current and former students from the study programmes BA Music Production, BA Audio Design and BMus Popular Music. All songs were either (co-)composed, interpreted, arranged and/or produced by our students!

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