SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Developments and opportunities

for the Berlin School of Management

Prof. Dr. Ralf Linke, Academic Director of the Berlin School of Management (BSM)

"As the Academic Director of the Berlin School of Management, I'm excited about the opportunities made possible by our new campus on the Sonneninsel.

A university campus should be a place where knowledge is shared, where students and faculty get motivated, networks are built and science is used to solve the pressing issues of the world. All these challenges need interaction, debate and inspiration. The new campus, which will allow students from all disciplines to exchange on a daily basis for the first time, has created the means and atmosphere to foster precisely that."

"The Berlin School of Management is looking forward to turning the page to a new chapter on the coming state-of-the-art campus. The new facilities will boost student life, enhance professional campus services and contribute to collaboration for all those involved. Our students and professional partners will experience the energy this inspiring new environment for learning and working will develop.

Across the river, we will be looking at the impressive new project of our partner Estrel. One of the most respected employers in the tourism industry in Berlin and the owner of the biggest hotel building in the capital which is under construction at this very moment. The campus will be part of this up-and-coming area of Berlin which will establish a new business district while staying true to its multicultural roots. A perfect spot for our international business school.  

The campus on Sonnenallee brings the different schools of SRH Berlin together. The proximity to other schools is an excellent incubator for new programmes and ideas on the interface of business and arts, technology and design. This will create many opportunities for collaboration for our students, faculty and business partners."