SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences
Assistant lecturer

Alexander Straulino

Photography Lecturer

Phone: +49 151 23000462

Alexander Straulino is a German photographer currently based in Berlin, known for his exploration of the intersection between fashion and art. His photography challenges societal notions of beauty and eroticism, presenting a unique dialogue between the conscious and subconscious. 

Straulino's work has been featured in prestigious international publications such as Vogue, W Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, and Interview Magazine. He has also collaborated with renowned brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Shiseido, and Thierry Mugler for advertising campaigns. In 2006, he released his first book titled "Playtime," showcasing photographs from the previous decade. Straulino received the "Grand Prix of Photography" in Cannes in 2007. In 2015, he opened his own photo studio called "candy studio" in New York. Currently, he is working on a new photo book featuring street pictures from New York.