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SRH Foundation Programme

Thorough Preparation for your Bachelor's Journey at SRH

Foundation by SRH International College

The Foundation Programme launched by the SRH International College at our Heidelberg campus serves as a bridge between your high school education and the first year of your chosen bachelor's degree at SRH. The programme is tailored to students who need additional academic preparation and support.

SRH International College offers three foundation tracks: Business, Creative Studies, and Engineering & IT. These 2-semester programmes are specifically designed to prepare you for a seamless transition into the SRH Bachelor's degrees.

Upon successful completion of all required foundation modules, progression to the selected undergraduate degree at SRH is guaranteed.

SRH International College

3 different tracks:

  • 2024/25 Tuition fees for the 2-semester programme: EUR 11,500
  • October & January intakes

Taught at the SRH University Heidelberg campus, the business Foundation programme provides a comprehensive overview of theoretical and practical concepts in business and management. This programme prepares you with the necessary analytical, technical, and interpersonal skills to pursue an undergraduate business degree. It places significant emphasis on improving English and German language skills and academic abilities. You will also study modules in research, critical and creative thinking, mathematics, and ethics to equip you with the general knowledge and skills needed for your undergraduate studies.

The creative studies Foundation programme involves modules on designing and producing large-scale creative projects, which help develop analytical, creative, and interpersonal skills needed to be successful in an undergraduate creative programme. The programme also emphasises enhancing English and German language skills, along with academic abilities. Additional modules cover research, critical and creative thinking, and mathematics to prepare for undergraduate studies. The programme will take place at SRH Heidelberg campus, with progression to SRH Berlin for the degree programme.

Through the engineering and IT Foundation programme, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of computer science, programming, and engineering physics and design. This programme is designed to develop analytical, technical, and interpersonal skills essential for pursuing a degree in Engineering or IT. The course emphasises improving English and German language proficiency and academic skills. Additionally, you will explore research methodologies and develop critical, creative thinking, and advanced mathematical skills necessary for undergraduate studies. The programme is taught at the SRH Heidelberg campus, with options to continue degree programmes at SRH Heidelberg or SRH Berlin, depending on the chosen field of study.