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Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program | SMSCP

Advantages of the Siemens certification SMSCP

As a partner university of Siemens, SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences offers you the possibility to take an internationally-recognised industry certification exam.

With the Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program (SMSCP) by Siemens you

  • gain first-hand knowledge,
  • learn to quickly get familiar with new systems,
  • know how to apply troubleshooting strategies to solve a variety of problems,
  • are able to use your newly acquired knowledge to work with other systems,
  • learn to deal with complex systems in a flexible, autonomous, and professional manner and
  • benefit from better career opportunities by increasing your employability.

SMSCP certificate part of the curriculum

 B.Eng. Applied Mechatronic SystemsM.Eng. Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management
- Mobility & Automotive Industry
- Industry 4.0: Automation, Robotics & 3D Manufacturing
- Smart Building Technologies
SMSCP level on completionLevel 2 (Siemens Certified Mechatronic Systems Associate)

Level 3 (Siemens Certified Mechatronic Systems Professional)
Meaning levels

Level 2 | High-level technician


Systems management and analysis, troubleshooting and repairs.


Process control technologies, introduction to Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), automation systems, engine control, mechanics and machine elements, manufacturing processes.

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Level 3 | Engineer

Professional systems engineering, systems design and process optimisation.


Project management, projects with technical systems.


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