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KAONE - Producing a film for a fashion brand

In the interdisciplinary module "Visual Arts: Film", students of the B.A. Creative Industries Management worked with Prof. Sonja Umstätter, a film maker who also works in media design and as a senior coach.

This project introduced the Creative Industries Management students to the basics of filming and creating a trailer/short clip for a chosen brand.

In this module, students learned about different techniques to develop a short video. Those techniques covered how to do a creative briefing or a mood board to approach ideas the correct way. Together, they came up with the idea to film a fashion ad for one of their classmates.

Under the guidance of Prof. Umstätter, the students created pitches, wrote a storyline, and divided tasks. They learned about the four phases of production, the basics of what a film set looks like, and the different positions. In only one day the students filmed the ad for the brand called Kaone. Furthermore, by the end of the class, the students were asked to do a presentation on their own part in filming the ad and to do a reflection on what went well and what could have been improved.

Thanks to the project, students developed skills in filming, acting, cutting, and producing. They were able to gain expertise in management, creative thinking, and team building. Those qualities can be transferred to all sectors of the creative industries.

Project team

Students of the B.A. Creative Industries Management

Prof. Sonja Umstätter

Professor for Motion Design

Berlin School of Popular Arts

The finished project

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