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M.A. Strategic Design students explore the Creative Industries in Berlin

As part of the Module "Profession and Best Practice", the Master's students explore various professional directions of Strategic Design.

Guided visits to Berlin's Creative Industries - ranging from digital/brand agencies, global consultancies, social innovation hubs, innovation labs, start-ups, current events, meet-ups and exhibitions relevant to strategic design thinking - illustrate the application of Strategic Design Theory in real-life contexts.

The excursions make the Master's programme in Strategic Design very lively and tangible as it helps students build their professional networks and guides them to find their own professional path for their future.

After the trips, the students evaluated and reflected on those visits by taking their impressions, various business models, best practice examples, levels of innovation, and more into consideration.

 Companies visited:


  • IBM iX - the experience agency of IBM Consulting
  • Ellery Studios - a creative and strategy agency specialising in knowledge generation and transfer
  • Goodwins - a creative agency that makes the good successful
  • Deutsche Bahn - Product & Service Development - a corporate innovation lab
  • StanHema - an agency helping brands to change the world Lufthansa Innovation Hub - taking travel to new destinations
  • re:publica – Europe's largest digital society festival 
Project team

Students of M.A. Strategic Design

Prof. Katrin Androschin
Prof. Julia Leihener
Berlin School of Design & Communication


Evaluation and reflection