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What to do with the enormous amount of data that is produced daily all over the world? How do we prevent hacker attacks on our society? How do we keep our use of computers understandable and accessible? Computer scientists speak the language of computer systems and are experts in the security and network technologies of our time.

Every day, huge amounts of data are generated by consumers, devices and applications, which are of great value to businesses, governments and organisations alike. Thanks to advances in computing power and the development of advanced algorithms, collecting, storing, analysing and visualising this data is easier than ever before.

At the same time, Industry 4.0 technologies are regularly under attack from cybercriminals, viruses and malware and need to be protected around the clock. Information security and the analysis and management of such risks are more important than ever.

Our programmes M.Sc. Computer Science - Focus on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and M.Sc. Computer Science - Focus on Cyber Security aim to train a new generation of information security and data analysis specialists who not only have in-depth IT skills but also know how to design and implement security systems and measures in different business environments.

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