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Get to know the Berlin School of Technology and our engineering and IT programmes in Berlin!

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We are opening our doors to you and invite you to our Info Day at the Berlin School of Management on Saturday, 15 June 2024 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Our programme: (Berlin School of Management, Berlin School of Technology)

Programme for download as PDF

10:30 - Registration
11:00 - Welcome / Presentation of SRH, introduction of all professors, trial lectures and counselling services
11:15 - Studying according to the CORE principle - our teaching method, Prof. Dr Ralf Linke

Trial lectures I
12:00 - Renewable energies - current developments (EN), Prof. Dr C. Ing. Osvaldo Romero Tomero (Room 2.02)
12:00 - Profits and sustainability? Satisfying the needs of mankind without harming future generations (DE/EN) Prof. Dr Ralf Linke (Room 2.03)
12:00 - International Tourism and Event Management, dual or full-time, with practical phases, optional semester abroad and clear job prospects (in German), Prof. Dr Alex Baumgärtner (Room 2.04)
12:00 - AI tools in marketing - 45 min turbo starter on research, text and image creation (in German), Prof. Dr Claudia Bünte (Room 2.06)

13:00 - Snacks & drinks

Trial lectures II & information events
13:30 - What is business psychology and what do business psychologists actually do? (DE/EN) Prof Dr Carsten Schermuly (Room 2.02)
13:30 Happy Event & Bon Voyage? Everyday problems of the tourism and event industry in court! Illustrated by real cases, which will be discussed with the participants (in German), Prof. Dr Alex Baumgärtner (Room 2.04)
13:30 - How digital marketing works - AI tools in marketing for research, text and image creation (EN), Prof. Dr Claudia Bünte (Room?)
13:30 - Business Master programmes at SRH - Q&A (DE/EN) Prof. Dr. Ralf Linke (Room 0.06)

Trial lectures III and information events
14:30 - Why is supply chain management becoming more important in a digital and sustainable world? (EN), Prof. Dr Torsten Becker (Room 2.06)
14:30 - Stays abroad, language courses, intercultural training ... The Global Cooperation Institute introduces itself (DE/EN), Kirsten Matthes (Room 0.06)
14:30 - What does our SRH Career Service actually do? (DE/EN), Iana Kravchenko (Room 0.05)

Further offers
15:00 - Info Sessios on student financing: Scholarships, student loans & Co (Room 0.05)
Ongoing - Counselling on stays abroad, language courses and intercultural training, Kirsten Matthes 
Ongoing - Individual counselling on student financing

16:00 - End

We look forward to meeting you in person on Saturday, 15 June 2024. Feel free to bring friends and your parents!

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