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B.A. Audio Design | Meet Prof. Tilman Ehrhorn in our Face-to-Face Webinar


2 - 3 pm CEST | Online Event with Prof. Tilman Ehrhorn, head of programme B.A. Audio Design

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Mehr als Sounddesign: Audiodesign-Studierende sind oft DJs und elektronische Musiker

Create the sounds of tomorrow

Get to know Prof. Tilman Ehrhorn and his B.A. Audio Design programme in a 60-minute webinar. Learn more about the study programme, the application process, the entrance examination and the study content.

Relevant programmes:

  • B.A. Audiodesign (German)
  • B.A. Audio Design (English)

We look forward to meeting you.

Prof. Tilman Ehrhorn

Professor for Music Design and Music Theory, Study programme director B.A. Audio Design