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4 - 6 pm CEST | Join our online info session and learn more about our English Master's programmes!

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Are you interested in starting a business, creative or tech Master's degree at SRH Berlin, Dresden or Hamburg?

On Tuesday, 26 September 2023, from 4 - 6 pm (CEST), our professors and team will present the innovative and future-oriented postgraduate programmes that we offer in Berlin, Dresden and Hamburg. 

During the online session, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions and talk to the faculty and team. 


  • 4:00 - 4:15 pm: Short introduction and information about our university, our teaching approach CORE, and how to apply
  • 4:15 - 5:00 pm: 3 separate sessions on our range of 24 English Master's and 4 English MBA programmes: 

    >> Business & Management programmes | by Prof. Dr. Ralf Linke, Academic Director Berlin School of Management
    >> Technology & IT programmes | by Prof. Dr. Michael Hartmann, Academic Director Berlin School of Technology
    >> Creative programmes | by Prof. Bettina Borchardt, Academic Director Berlin School of Design and Communication
  • 5:00 - 6:00 pm: Q&A with professors and study advisors

We look forward to meeting you online!

Our postgraduate programmes

  • Business: General/International Management, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability Management, Human Resource Management, Digital Transformation Management, Healthcare Management, Hospitality Management, Creative/General Leadership, Entrepreneurship
  • Technology: Big Data & AI, Cyber Security, Renewable Energies, Future of Mobility, Automation & Robotics, Smart Buildings, Battery Production
  • Creative: Film & TV, Photography, Strategic/Social Design