Alumni Testimonial Gernot ­Stöcker

Founder of WhatAGame

Why SRH?

I always found the idea of being an entrepreneur appealing. Before I started at SRH, I had my business idea for WhatAGame in mind already, but I felt like I was lacking the necessary set of tools in order to start a business. That's why I enrolled in the entrepreneurship study program at SRH...

...For many other entrepreneurship master study programs, I had the impression that in the end, yet again, the goal was to prepare the students for the classic job market, e.g. in the innovation department of a company. At SRH however, the entire course of studies is actually geared to the development and implementation of a concrete business idea that every student is working on.

How did you find your idea?

I want to encourage people to go out and explore their environment. Moreover, I was a big fan of the concept of the famous TV show "Schlag den Raab", and was looking for an activity like that for my friends and me. Since this concept did not exist yet for private customers, I chose to create it...

...So far, I am very happy with the feedback and the demand of the customers. Therefore, the plan is to expand the concept, so that more customers get the chance to enjoy WhatAGame as fast as possible. Therefore, I hope that WhatAGame is active in a bigger location soon and that the customers still enjoy the event as much as they do today.

Why is your business unique?

The proximity to its customers. Not only is the event customizable to a customer's preferences, but a moderator leads the group through the entire 2.5-hour event, which makes it possible to interact with them on a very personal level.

How did SRH help you?

The university did not only provide me the necessary set of tools for starting a business. Being around other people with great ideas in mind and seeing them work on their projects gave me a great motivational boost to get my project going, as well.


To new students that decide to start the entrepreneurship master program at SRH, I would recommend to get going with their ideas as fast as possible. The schedule provides the necessary freedom to work on ones business idea next to your studies from the very first weeks.