How to manage influencers on YouTube

Students publish research on influencer and artist management in the gaming industry.

The students visited Freaks4You Gaming in Berlin, one of the top players in the growing e-sports industry, in gaming and entertainment who have also worked for “Hand of Blood” one of the most famous German gamers. While visiting, the students conducted several interviews with different managers from the company to learn what it takes to manage YouTube influencers.

In today’s economy, creative and aesthetic processes are thoroughly planned, marketed, and run and scholarly research has explored ways in which creative minds can be managed. These days, influencers have managers who are responsible for marketing, financials, legal issues, and the organisation of their workflow.

An influencer manager receives far less attention than the influencer but needs to fulfil a wide range of responsibilities: monitoring function, personal development, promoting professional exchange amongst other influencers for cross promotion and idea generation, providing the technological infrastructure, marketing management and fan management.

Artist Managers say that this industry allows you to do new things that may appear a little crazy or even “batshit insane” in videos. They also need to do some “parenting”, coaching young influencers to help them to comply with a corporate work environment, ensuring that they show up in the office despite working flexible hours, submit sick notes when ill and comply to all other administrative matters.

Full report:

Ditzel, S., Möller Palza, S. & Biehl, B. (2018) “Somebody has to organize their freedom”: Influencer and artist management in the gaming industry. In Kleiner, M., Welker. M. & Wünsch, U. (Hrsg). Atmosphären des Populären III. Perspektiven, Posen, Projekte, Performantes, Protokolle, Persönlichkeiten. Berlin: Gizeh.