Representing Australian artist in the Berlin arts scene

Students meet Sydney artist Ralph Kerle and the Enter Art Foundation.

Enter Art Foundation, Dr. Suzanne Royal (Curator), Till Wald (Managing Director), Prof. Dr. Brigitte Biehl (Head of B.A. Creative Industries Management)

We organised an art preview in a video live cross between Berlin and Sydney, Australia. Prof. Dr. Biehl from SRH was present with Till Wald (Managing Director of Enter Art Foundation) and Dr. Suzanne Royal (Curator) in Berlin. In the video live cross, Ralph Kerle took part with an audience of 70 high profile media personalities and collectors, including a former Australian Federal Minister for the Arts.

above: Ralph Kerle, Captain C. gull on the helm, 2015; below: Ralph Kerle, The Yellow Masked Mast, 2017

Ralph Kerle exhibits his works at EAF Enter Art Foundation and the Creative Industries Management study program supports him. Yannick Curdt has come to act as Ralph Kerle’s agent and has managed the process of Enter Art Foundation of getting to know the artist and taking him on, as well as organising the process of producing the digital art works in Germany to make them available in Berlin. The exhibition is called “42 contemporary artists in Berlin” and held at Gerichtshöfe in Wedding.

Ralph Kerle, The Waterline, 2014