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The Berlin Bear: Keep It or Lose It?

Students present creative video works and show how marketing communications works with facts and emotions.

Using emotions or facts in communication

Critically mirroring the rhetorical logic of Make America Great Again (American was already great), four student teams ask whether the Berlin Bear should be kept or abandoned. Each team works with different communication strategies: All Emotion / No Facts, No Emotion / All Facts.

The module teacher Howard Hunt, an international entrepreneur and advertising creative, devised and coordinated the students’ work in the B.A. Creative Industries Management. Each team was given a specific messaging approach. Their task was to identify an audience, devise a marketing campaign that targets that specific audience, and justify their findings in a question and answer session that followed their final presentation.

The four teams developed an interconnected slogan, poster, and thirty second video spot, as well as a channel strategy designed to reach their target audience. The work was presented at the annual summer festival of the Berlin School of Popular Arts.


Students of B.A. Creative Industries Management

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Biehl

Studiengangsleiterin B.A. Creative Industries Management

Berlin School of Popular Arts

Bear or no bear? View the works

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