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Developments and opportunities

for the Berlin School of Design and Communication

Prof. Bettina Borchardt, Academic Director of the Berlin School of Design and Communication (BSDC)

"As the Academic Director of the Berlin School of Design and Communication, I am very happy to be able to say that the move is also quite necessary: over the last few years our student base has grown significantly, meaning our location at Moritzplatz is becoming a little bit crowded.

I am particularly pleased that we have established new and successful programmes in the field of English-language Master's programmes. The Berlin School of Design and Communication has become more international every year - intercultural communication is not a "buzzword" for us, but a reality we live and breathe.

What also makes the new campus very attractive from my point of view, apart from the premises, is that the large number of solar panels on the buildings of the so-called „Sonneninsel“ (Sun Island) ensure that we will be self-sufficient in electricity with sustainable and environmentally friendly technology. So it is obvious that the new building is so perfectly suited to a School of Design and Communication."

"In recent years, the Berlin School of Design and Communication has had a great and modern place with its film and photo studios, ateliers, darkroom and spacious seminar rooms in the Aufbauhaus at Moritzplatz. Nevertheless, we are very much looking forward to the new campus in Neukölln.

The new campus will bring expansions to our film and photo studios, larger areas for graphic and illustration work, and more spacious rooms for all our study programmes. The overall larger rooms and meeting areas will finally give us the chance to exhibit the work produced across the various design and communication study programmes over the semester more quickly and for longer periods of time - and not just as part of the exhibition of students' final projects at the end of the semester, as it was previously the case. 

Since all Berlin Schools will now be under one roof, what we used to do at the Berlin School of Design and Communication - working across the study programmes - can now be realised on a larger scale across the different schools. We always teach and design the programmes with employability in mind, and this will reach a new dimension at the new campus: mixed groups with different competencies from different programmes, working together."