Diversity Training

Different Together

Our Concept

We want to live a culture of diversity and inclusion and support our students on their lifelong journey to broaden their horizons, raise their awareness, think critically about the world and become responsible global citizens. 

Our concept is multidimensional and encompasses social participation, sustainability, equal opportunities, inclusion and protection against discrimination. We understand diversity competence as the ability to deal with different people in a respectful and unbiased way. The basis for diversity is intercultural competence. Intercultural competence is the ability to understand different values, behaviours, attitudes and practices within an organisation or system that enable one to interact and work effectively across cultures.

Our Programme

As part of our programme, we offer students the opportunity to engage with other cultures, theories, concepts and ideas in order to learn about a variety of different perspectives. Students can choose between a range of activities and earn points through their participation. 

The so-called Diversity Certificate is awarded to all students who have successfully completed all requirements during their studies. 

NEW: Digital Badges for "Intercultural and Diversity Competence".

From the summer semester 2022, we will award Digital Badges (information-rich visual badges for verifiable achievements) to those who have demonstrated their competence by participating in a certain number of activities and a final quiz that tests knowledge of essential concepts in the field of interculturality and diversity.

Culture & Diversity Workshops for Students